Conception, stage design and direction Michel Schweizer

The artistic object now tends to be the instant represented, when a sum of simultaneous actions is hierarchized by an organized center that gives them intelligibility and necessity. Today the artist and the audience witness the failure of the system that does not enable us anymore to give meaning to the fragmentation of images and speeches that pass as reality.

Similar to a relational architecture, ASSANIES choses to offer an opposition without dark spots, where the aesthetical transaction does not pass as a revelation or a lie. It then becomes an experience eager to revive a relational aesthetic by choosing to put at the core of its device the only meaning maker possible: the user. It is about asking what is left of the contemporary man and its global relation to reality when the familiar triad – information / communication / expression – is under new circulation conditions and symbolization, ASSANIES would go from artefact to civilization item.

Gathering four men in order to build the experience is first to place four individuals from a world that does not tolerate any longer the space and time when and where their proximity could coexist. To gather an audience is to ask the question of sharing the events territory that no longer requires them to believe in it to exist.

With Eric Dignac, Jean Noël Obert, Nicolas Ritoux, Shush Tenin

Production : La coma
With the help of : IDDAC, group OUVRE LE CHIEN, company MAXIMUM VIDEO, and of the city of CESTAS and of OARA