Imagined by Michel Schweizer
in tight collaboration with MC93’s teams

4 and 5 May 2018

MC93 in Bobigny

Invited by the directors of Maison de la culture de Bobigny, Michel Schweizer imagined an occupation of the cultural place through various events performed by young people. With the artist, they gradually took over the whole theater and strove to take a stand and speak in front of the adults. Through various performances, they testify about their experience of our shared world.



Keep Calm, gathers children from 10 to 13 years-old for a performance for an adult audience. Thus, it is a “children tribe” that stand together, free to say and act in front of an adult audience there to attentively and reflexively listen. An audience all the more interesting for the children that the content of their speech is based on thoughts and sharp reflections induced by the adult world. The “assumption of power” of the children results in a troubling face to face that questions everyone’s place.


ShopLE+ is a store set in the Salle des fêtes du Grand Parc for two days. Young people have imagined products that might improve the adults’ lives. They promote them and invite you to discover what may tomorrow give another depth to your daily life. Various essential and useful products that may generate new needs… Come and enjoy the unique consumption experience. It is the opportunity to appreciate the creation abilities and the qualities of the young sellers!

CHEPTEL de Michel Schweizer

With Cheptel (Herd), Michel Schweizer chooses to invite a group of children to live an artistic experience. It will be about creating the conditions that lead the young people to handle words freely and responsibly. Will they find the urge to tell the adult community what impressions, remarks, questions their relation to the world induces? In the end, what do they have to tell us today and will we believe them?

But also :


During the schoolyear, a class of CM1-CM2 of école Georges Valbon in Bobigny was given the chance to discover the contemporary art collection of Conseil départemental de Seine-Saint-Denis. They then proceeded to choose one of the works to exhibit it in the hall of MC93. It is their turn to introduce it to you by becoming the learning officer for the work.


Superhero fans take note! The MC93 offers a unique dressing up workshop. It includes: particular costumes from the MC93’s collection, a lot of accessories (shoes, hats…), a fitting room and a photo shoot! Only one rule: to come with a big brother, a big sister, a parent… Who among you will be disguised? Surprise!


On the big stage, letters printed in different typographies are laid. Next to them, a printer spits other letters in a regular rhythm… Armed with scissors and pencil, the children take the stage and the letters to build a personal urban universe. The singular architecture and the characters that inhabit it give life to words and phrases that make up the city’s language. An attempt to create a shared space, for half a day.

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Interview of Michel Schweizer and Hortense Archambault : ICI