Dear dancers

Michel Schweizer, vidéo, 40’,

For 15 years, choreographer Michel Schweizer has multiplied the meetings and experiences outside the closed circle of professionals, looking for amateurs. They are the ones that love, cultivate and keep their passion up for years for a practice going from boxing, tap dance, dog lovers, body building, singing, striptease etc. In Dear Dancers, Michel Schweizer answers the commission of Cuvier – Centre de Développement Chorégraphique by travelling through Aquitaine for months, looking for people passionate about any type of dance: flamenco, salsa, tango, country, paso doble or Viennese waltz.

What charms Michel Schweizer today in Carmen or Diego? The time they dedicate to a regular practice, often with a partner and the way it influences their daily life and their individuality. Loulou and Sésé are 165 years-old together and they never hesitate to go on the road, ready to travel hundreds of miles to join their favorite orchestra…

“To question our relation to time through a dance piece enables us to listen to us in another way and to use our daily life in a particular manner.” Michel Schweizer

Concept Michel Schweizer
Camera and editing Cécile Pécondon-Lacroix
Sound editing Loïc Lachaize
Artistic assistant Cécile Broqua
Commission by Cuvier CDC d’Aquitaine dans le cadre du compagnonnage with la COMA.
Idea by la COMA / Michel Schweizer
Partners OARA et IDDAC
The partnership is supported by Conseil Régional d’ Aquitaine et le Conseil Général de la Gironde.