By Hamid Ben Mahi et Michel Schweizer
With Hamid Ben Mahi
Creation – Automn 2020

20 years after the solo Chronic(s), that Hamid Ben Mahi and Michel Schweizer co-created, they wonder: how is hip-hop doing today? This year, both choreographers come back in the studio to work on a new chapter Chronic(s) II, and they invite us to share their work in progress. Hamid Ben Mahi talks about his career as a young hip-hop artist while noticing the increasing visibility of his art. Back then he couldn’t have imagined that the dance would become an Olympic discipline for the 2024 Paris Games.

CHRONIC(S), 2005

By Michel Schweizer et Hamid Ben Mahi
With Hamid Ben Mahi

At a time when hip-hop remains too often recuperated as a trendy added value for the programmes of numerous art and cultural organizations, Chronic(s) appears as a necessary inventory of the history and career of a prominent dancer and choreographer of the discipline.

Already ironically called “speculative sample” as part of the show Kings (2001) by Michel Schweizer – artist and choreographer known for calling his performers “service providers” – Hamid Ben Mahi asked the caustic “organizer” to pursue their collaboration.

Collaboration on directing the creations

Creation – November 13th 2021, Théâtre de l’Archipel Perpignan

AND NOW, 2017
Renaissance Polyphonies – Monteverdi, Gesualdo, Schütz, Dowland, Sermisy…


By and with Chloé Moglia, Yan Duyvendak, Julie Nioche & Michel Schweizer.
On a proposal for Stéphanie Aubin

By and with Chloé Moglia, Alain Michard, Julie Nioche & Michel Schweizer.
On a proposal for Stéphanie Aubin

With backgrounds in circus, performance, choreography and visuals arts, Yan Duyvendak, Chloé Moglia, Alain Michard, Julie Nioche and Michel Schweizer all have rich – not to say unusual – artistic career. The position they assume today is also unusual: drawing from their experience as audience members, they talk about their relation to the works, how they react to it and how the artistic experience has changed them.


Pièce chorégraphique et musicale pour trois interprètes

Choregraphy Julie Dossavi, Hamid Ben Mahi, Sergé-Aimé Coulibaly  et Thomas Lebrun
Staging, dramaturgy, texts et scenography Michel Schweizer

The choreographers Thomas Lebrun, Serge-Aimé Coulibaly and Hamid Ben Mahi answered Julie Dossavi’s request and created “with and for her”, a musical and choreographic show directed by Michel Schweizer. The mix of talents brings about a fertile cultural diversity. Trained as an athlete, born in Brest, Julie Dossavi became an artist and is at the heart of the danced identity examination. She talks, discusses, interrogates, explains her project… She sings. She dances. She grabs Ravel and sexualizes his Bolero. She plays with masks. She challenges others’ glances, their affronts and rejections.

Collaboration on directing the creations


Musical composition by Alexandros Markeas.
The show is inspired by writings by Baudrillard about representation and show, a gateway to question our field of vision in a digital universe.


FACE À FACE (Face to Face) is a surprising mix of written music, human beatbox and Inuit throat songs. The multimedia musical combines sensitiveness and performance in a music that connects the most recent techniques to ancestral traditions.

PROXIMA CENTAURI : Marie-Bernadette Charrier, saxophone – Sylvain Millepied, flûte – Hilomi Sakaguchi, piano – Clément Fauconnet, percussion – Christophe Havel, électronique / BIONICOLOGISTS : Ezra et L.O.S – human beatbox / EÏNET : Zoïa Weinstein-Tagrina

(MINIMAL), 2013

Proxima Centauri + Bionicologists + Quatuor Promethée, 2013

Programme : S. Reich – Clapping Music / M. Lindberg – Ablauf / G. Scelsi – Pranam II / J. Harvey – Ricercare una melodia / J. Arroyo – Sama (création mondiale) / S. Reich – Different Trains

LES INOUÏES, 2012 / Hommage à John Cage

Proxima Centauri and Benjamin Millepied

Choregraphy – Benjamin Millepied
Works by John CAGE: Sonatas for prepared piano– Piece for transformed soloist voice – Five – Three pieces – Living Room et « Themes and Variations » de Nico Muhly


Proxima Centauri

Composers : Mauricio Kagel – Pas de cinq / Michio Kitazune – Side by Side / Ichiro Nodaïra - Arabesque III / Toru Takemitsu – Voice / Christophe Havel – Mutations

MÉTISSAGE, 2010 – Création mondiale

Proxima Centauri and ECM

Music – François Rossé et Michel Gonneville