LE MONDE / 12 novembre 2010

FAUVES (Wild beasts)

Michel Schweizer and his wild beasts

At the Novart festival in Bordeaux, the choreographer puts on stage ten young natural people (…) Impassive butler. Since the creation of his company La Coma in 1995, Michel Schweizer works at a crossroads where he rules as an expert without actually taking someone’s place and even less pretending to be someone he is not. A little sociologist, a tad philosopher, a lot director, effortlessly choreographer, extremely actor, he who defines himself as a service provider, takes on during the show the role of an impassive butler that watches over a protocol that he pretends not to quite know by heart (or just about). He highlights everyone without forcing anything, especially not emotion. On such a fragile topic as adolescence and youth, he does well. Unlike its title Fauve (Wild Beasts) is gentle and serious.

Rosita Boisseau