SUD OUEST / october 10th 2008


Dr Schweizer’s women

Michel Scheizer likes to convene an ephemeral community for each new production, an improbable casting that makes up the strength and fragility of the shows. Initiating a piece that unsettles the participants, the audience members and even himself; he is able to ask real questions, to start paradigmatic discussions. No cheating with him, we are indeed at the theatre but get hit by reality full force. The distance enables us to laugh but the truthfulness of the attitude and the “characters” makes us thinks. « ôQueens a body lab » questions the male/female relationship, the molding or transformations of the body, the commodification of individuals. Philosophy, sociology, melodrama, show, provocation and astute reflection, one thing is certain, there is always something strange and penetrating going on in Michel Schweizer’s laboratory.

Céline Musseau