LES INROCKUPTIBLES / 6 december 2019

LES DIABLES (The devils)

“Les Diables”, a production without pretence

The actors from company Oiseau-Mouche, with whom Michel Scheizer has worked, are at the centre of the production. Evocating the actor’s craft, questioning the spectator’s place, inviting us to roam the scale of contrasts, the show was mainly written by its performers who put their heart and soul into it to tell how significant the exchange between the actor and audience is and how important the relation to the other is.

The performers display a moving sincerity. The seven devils of Michel Scheizer are beautiful, moving by their sincerity, sharing their actors experience, their fear of rejection, their own ingratitude, their dreams and their imprecation too.

Some polite anticlerical breaks remind us that all of God’s creatures are not made in his image, that Fabrice Luchini is not as conceited as we might think and that anyway it doesn’t matter because Marguerite Duras is still there, in the audience to watch over us… So, like Marguerite Duras, we don’t take our eyes off of them.

Hervé PONS