SCENEWEB.FR / 18 december 2019


The devils rebellion

By directing Compagnie de l’Oiseau-Mouche, Michel Schweizer wants to confront the audience with difference in a mix of solemnity and humor. An idea as lifesaving in its principle as unfinished in its realization.

The meeting between Michel Schweizer and Compagnie de l’Oiseau-Mouche could only end in an all-round unusual show. For 20 years, the director, invited today by the troupe of actors with mental disability, has investigated the edges of creation, developed an uncategorisable art in between dance, visual art and theater. One must not expect a conservative show based on a classical play where the special actors would have aimed at reaching the ideals of theatre to please the audience in its comfort zone. In a risky and refreshing move, Michel Schweizer does the contrary. He stated and claimed the difference of the troupe to confront the audience and force them to look the Other in the eyes.


In a context of rebellion against the system – capitalism, state and religion – the beautiful devils take ownership of the stage in a mix of humor and seriousness. Their presence, as particular as committed, as intentional as asserted, place them at the center of the game and give life to a stage patchwork out from an alternate reality. In the poetic atmosphere that oozes, scattered with brilliant moments, the peculiar world can sometimes become more clear-sighted than a proper daily life. Accordingly, Michel Schweizer’s bet supported by an excellent soundtrack and sharp light design by Eric Blosse, works because it unsettles. The difference in the bodies, attitudes, thoughts and even of a certain idea of society, proving to be able to throw certainty off balance.