TÉLÉRAMA / 26 november 2010


Teenagers on a stage

They appear from the audience and, as they do in real life, create their own character. With a beautiful sensitivity (…) Michel Schweizer, specialized ex-choreographer, that has presented himself as a simple “event organizer” for the past seven years, hired young people from 16 to 18 years old on the promise of a “musical”. After the dog trainers, the women, dancers or bodybuilders, it is this slice of society that the agitator “decentralized” to look at in the test tube that the stage is. If the language of the director provocatively borrows elements from the cynical coldness of marketing, it is very different in the show, where life – with its bundle of unexpected emotions – takes over. Recreated life of course, but in a sensitive dough. Because the teenagers appear as they are on the inside, under the gaze of two fifty-year-olds: Schweizer himself and his associate DJ Gianfranco Poddighe in charge of creating the atmosphere (Bowie and the Alphaville band mixed with a more techno music line).

Emmanuelle Bouchez