BÂTARDS (Bastards)

Avignon, a festival of performances


The audience enters in the Virgin garden of the Saint-Joseph high-school and obediently takes the leaflet handed by a model employee of Avignon Tourism. Except that it actually is dancer Mathieu Desseigne-Ravel that works. Before going onstage. The incredible performer seen in Alain Platel’s productions then becomes an incredible performer as comfortable with acrobatics as with refined gestures. With him, for the season’s « Sujet à vif », is Michel Schweizer, ultimate blaster of the performance codes. For 30 minutes, the duo makes Bâtards (Bastards) a skilful and chilling presentation. As Schweizer tells the origin story of barbed wire and its versions, Mathieu Desseigne-Ravel is one with his topic, crawling on the floor, appearing to take off sometimes. A summary on balance and its contrary. Striking.

Philippe Noisette