LIBÉRATION / May 3rd, 2018


The adults’ world through children’s eyes

Spread the word : for the first time this weekend, children occupy the MC93 (Seine-Saint Denis’ arts center in Bobigny) and it is critical to go see it whether we are from Bobigny, Alsace, Paris or Brittany, no matter how old you are, how rich you are – it’s free for everyone. Has the centre organised a marathon of shows specifically designed for them? No, it is not a festival of productions for a young audience. What the MC93 offers for the first time under the aegis of choreographer Michel Schweizer, of the scheduler/programmer and director of the centre, Hortense Archambault and on the initiative of the SACD (Author’s society), is much more adventurous, experimental, fundamental, playful and serious: to apprehend through eight performances created by children, how the tribe looks at the adults. What do they perceive from us? How do they gauge us? In short, what do they know from us, that define ourselves as adults, although nothing proves it, and although we don’t have a trustworthy definition of the state?

Anne Diatkine