What begins without previously knowing its course

OARA Théâtre Molière scène d’Aquitaine
le 24 novembre 2012
dans le cadre de novart

After Domaines Capital (Capital domains) shown in March 2012 at the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier, some members of the Reading-group created in September 2011 by Sèverine Garat use a title borrowed from John Cage’s works to answer the Molière-Scène d’Aquitaine residency invitation as part of the 2012 Novart festival. The collective experimental practice around shared lectures enables people from different backgrounds to discuss habitat, education, school, art, culture, work, economics, politics, television, sciences, social networks, urban planning… From the constantly renewed practice, a living, evolving and deliberately secular library has emerged and is enriched, created, questioned, filled with life… The aim is to open it up to as much people as possible on the 24th of November starting from a question by Toni Negri: “Beyond public and private spheres: how to move towards the common?” – and from the desire to consider the responsibility and stake of such a question in response to the current government’s priority around youth politics and practices. By organizing the different “materials” from the library and the artistic performances created as “extensions” a dramaturgical and scenographic experience will be shown to the audience as an 8-hour performative installation.

Au programme :

8h pour arpenter les locaux de l’O.A.R.A Molière Scène d’Aquitaine et ses environs,
8h imaginées et écrites en collaboration avec :

– des membres du Reading-group (artistes, enseignant-e-s, chercheur-e-s, travailleurs-euses sociaux, architecte, acteurs-trices culturels…)

– des artistes invité-e-s (photographes, chorégraphes, vidéastes, dessinateur, cinéastes etc. )

– des étudiant-e-s de l’Université Bordeaux 3 (Master IPCI Ingénierie de Projets Culturels et Interculturels + Master Pratiques artistiques et action sociale).