Idea by Michel Schweizer

Commission by saison culturelle Liberté ! of ville de Bordeaux
With salle des fêtes de Bordeaux Grand-Parc and Manufacture CDCN Nouvelle-Aquitaine

6 and 7 July 2019
Salle des fêtes de Bordeaux Grand-Parc

Artistic advice and coordination Cécile Broqua
Signage graphic design Franck Tallon
Sound design Nicolas Barillot
Stage Manager Jeff Yvenou
Production / administration Elisa Miffurc

Invited by Ville de Bordeaux as part of saison culturelle Liberté! Bordeaux 2019, La Coma’s artistic director, Michel Schweizer created a project directed towards youth in the Grand-Parc district.

“Let’s imagine a project aimed at restoring for a given amount of time the topic of the Other, of Us and in sharing a sensitive time to give value back to the notion of shared. Young people occupy the space: a generic title to identify a space and time when and where the thoughts of young people on our world will find a freedom of speech making the Salle des Fêtes the place of new possible paths. On the 6th and 7th of July, the future users of the event, mainly represented by the adult community, will experience an opposite relation young – adults. Because it is a diverse youth that will offer the visitor to receive with actions and words what is has to tell us about a time with a tormented future.”



With a group of 15 to 20 children aged from 10 to 13 from classes 6ème A and 6ème C of collège du Grand-Parc, Bordeaux

Keep Calm, gathers children from 10 to 13 years-old for a performance for an adult audience. Thus, it is a “children tribe” that stand together, free to say and act in front of an adult audience there to attentively and reflexively listen. An audience all the more interesting for the children that the content of their speech is based on thoughts and sharp reflections induced by the adult world. The “assumption of power” of the children results in a troubling face to face that questions everyone’s place.


Performance by students from the CM2 class of école élémentaire Condorcet, Bordeaux
With artwork lent by Artothèque de Pessac and Agence Créative

During the schoolyear, a CM2 class found out about the approach of contemporary artists by meeting some of them. As the meeting went by, they selected works in order to exhibit them during a weekend at Salle des Fêtes du Grand Parc. With the knowledge acquired and an eloquence special training the children experimented a mediation practice to an adult audience. The face to face between the visitor and the young guide will carry the latter towards an autonomous speech through the transmission of the necessary knowledge. The value of an experience is measured by the extent and content of the relations.

a pop-up store

With a group of young people (14-18 ans)
With  centre d’animation du Grand-Parc

ShopLE+ is a store set in the Salle des fêtes du Grand Parc for two days. Young people have imagined products that might improve the adults’ lives. They promote them and invite you to discover what may tomorrow give depth to your daily life. Various essential and useful products that may generate new needs… Come and enjoy the unique consumption experience. It is the opportunity to appreciate the creation abilities and the qualities of the young sellers!


With the collaboration of photographer Frédéric Desmesure
Costumes lent by Opéra national de Bordeaux

Parents, during your visit of salle des fêtes du Grand-Parc on July 6th and 7th will you participate in the following game? Your child might offer you to transform you at his convenience, to do so they will choose clothes from a choice of costumes and accessories at their disposal and they will ask you to wear them while taking a photograph of the event. To have a memory of the unique and ephemeral transformation, a picture of yourself and your child will be taken by a professional photographer and exhibited live in the salle des fêtes. The picture will testify of your new identity decided by your child and will be given to you free of charge after it is taken. The children will caption the photograph by mentioning into whom they have transformed you… It is an experience to which your child might invite you, will you show up?