NICE TRIP – creation 2023

Conception, interpretation Mathieu Desseigne-Ravel, Michel Schweizer and young performer

Creation 12th and 13th of january 2023
La Manufacture CDCN Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bordeaux

In July 2017, BÂTARDS was presented as part of DES SUJETS À VIFS, at the Avignon festival.

With NICE TRIP, we wish, Mathieu Desseigne-Ravel and myself to extend this collaboration by developing this proposal to make it a format of one hour.

Today, more than 40,000 kilometers of border walls hinder the human mobility of children, women and men wishing to save their lives, and it seems easier to act on the movement of people than on that of capital… In view of the always lively and sustained news on this eminently political subject, we imagine this sequel by integrating the presence of a young boy of 12-13 years old.

The questions of crossing the boundaries of territories, associated with the constraints and obstacles placed on the body that they arouse, also concern displaced youth who have the harsh experience of confronting this type of reality. Young constrained bodies therefore, which must negotiate ever more, psychically and physically, what an adult will has invented to deter any surge of survival and freedom…

The subject of the play will naturally require a spectacular sobriety in order to preserve, through a very raw formal bias, what implicitly underlies this project: to suggest rather than show what we are doing with the living now…

What value do we give it, now, for sometimes denying it and neglecting it to such an extent?

Michel Schweizer – june 2021

Artistice collaboration Anne Kersting
Photography Ludovic Alussi
Sound design Nicolas Barillot
Stage management and lights Jeff Yvenou
Head of production Aurélie Chopin, Nathalie Nilias and Emmanuelle Paoletti
Administration and production Élisa Miffurc

Production 2022-2023 : La Coma et Naïf Production
Le ZEF, scène nationale de Marseille | Les 2 Scènes, scène nationale de Besançon | La Manufacture CDCN Nouvelle-Aquitaine, Bordeaux, dans le cadre de l’Accueil Studio | Espaces Pluriels, scène conventionnée danse, Pau |  Les Hivernales, Avignon | Théâtre Jean Vilar, Vitry-sur-Seine … (in progress)

Pictures Ludovic Alussi